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United Plumbing and Electric Service Agreement

Why Should I Have a Service Plan?

You want a lifestyle free of stress and concern. Plumbing and electrical issues always arrive uninvited and unannounced. We at the United Services Company know the secret to our success is satisfied and happy customers. So we have created a “back up plan” to minimize your unwanted plumbing problems and electrical outages. We are able to locate and correct small problems before they become major issues and end up costing a lot more money, time and can become safety hazards.

The purpose of the United’s Maintenance Agreement is to provide our valued customers excellent technical and customer service while saving you money. Even minor drips on faucets or running toilets can consume hundreds of gallons of water each month increasing your water and sewer charges. You wind up paying for it twice, once for the water and secondly the sewer charges.

Likewise, your energy consumption can be doubled by unknown sources. We provide fast, reasonable solutions.

Add to that priority service when you need our help the most. Our plumbers and electricians are licensed and certified, courteous, neat, have superior training and are proud professionals. Each can handle all types of plumbing and electrical problems.

At United Services Company, we care about our customers and want them to enjoy their homes in a stress free environment without being concerned or worried about a dangerous electrical problem or a damaging plumbing problem.

You are covered with United. You simply call 805-650-VOLT(8658) or 805-531-9464. We also can be contacted via our web site and email.


Family owned and operated since the beginning. We have been designing and installing electrical and plumbing systems for over 40 years in southern California. Our goal has always been to exceed our customers expectations and to provide the highest quality of workmanship through training and certification programs for our employees. We are a one stop shop for all electrical and plumbing services, design, LED retrofitting, residential, commercial, automation, lighting controls, industrial motor controls and even personal home owner service.

“These guys at United Electric & Plumbing are awesome. They worked fast at providing me with the plumbing services I needed and did a top notch job. So grateful to have a company that stands behind their work. I was referred to them by a friend and I will highly recommend them to any one who is looking for a plumber or an electrician!”
M. B. Ventura

The Electrical Maintenance Agreement and the Plumbing Maintenance Agreement Each Separately Include:

  • One annual electrical or plumbing inspection within the first 30 days of signing up.
  • Routine maintenance after six months.
  • Extended Warranty on repairs. (Our standard is 12 months, contract customers receive 18 months.)
  • Customer Appreciation Referral Program.
  • 10% off, up to $200.00 savings on any service.
  • No overtime charges.
  • Preferential treatment. Priority Service Day or Night, 24 hour emergency service, you are scheduled ahead of Non Members.
  • As a member you can rest knowing the United Services Company will respond to all your plumbing and electric problems when they happen and when you need us most.
  • Automatic renewal notice.

Example Savings: Electric


100 Amp Panel Upgrade

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Additional Receptacle (non-GFI)






$1,350.00 ($150 Savings)

$135.00 ($15 Savings)

$112.50 ($12.50 Savings)

Example Savings: Plumbing


50 Gallon Gas Water Heater

Kohler Toilet Replacement

Kitchen Faucet Replacement






$2,095.00 ($200 Savings)

$805.50 ($89.50 Savings)

$652.50 ($72.50 Savings)

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The United Services Company promises if you are not fully satisfied with the Service, let us know and we will make it right for you.

Certified Brands

Customer Referral Program

The biggest compliment a United Customer can give is a referral. We want to reward you for telling your friends, neighbors and family about us. As a United Electric & Plumbing Maintenance Agreement holder, you will receive referral coupons to give to anyone.

The coupons will entitle any new customer to 10% off, up to $200.00 savings on any service.